Favorite Tree at Bush Park

Family Portrait at Bush House in Salem OregonBush park is one of my favorite places to take clients for shooting. There’s a variety of reasons why I like this place, it’s close to my studio, there are tons of flowers of all sorts and there are different settings all within a short walking distance. But among all this variety, I have a very favorite tree there, a Japanese wisteria, which forms an integral part in Japanese history. It is often decorated in many japanese occasions, like a traditional shinto wedding. Bush park actually has a few of these dispersed throughout the gardens. There’s a giant one next to the historic Bush house, another in front of the house and a small one across the rose garden from the house. My favorite is the one in front of the house. It’s not small, but not large either. It sits relatively close to the ground and is surrounded by grasses and small flowers. It’s perfect for someone to sit within its branches. That’s often where I direct people to sit. There’s even a stretch of wood that works great as a low stool. Once within the branches, the purple and white petals fall downward and provide a great backdrop.

But there’s one major drawback to this location, it doesn’t last long. Two weeks pushes the height of the best photo opportunities with these Japanese Wisteria, which makes timing with the weather more difficult, but if you can get in a session with me, then you’ll be really pleased with the results! Based on the weather we’ve seen in the Willamette Valley so far, I’d guess this spot will be good in a week and will last about 10 days, so call us and schedule your session with us soon to book your spot!

Senior Portrait at Bush House in Salem, Oregon

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