The Heirloom Album

Wedding Photography Series Episode 6

With the advent of the digital image, how we take in images has changed significantly in the last couple decades, but one thing remains the same, the heirloom album. Why is that? In this episode Karin and Kathryn discuss heirloom albums and what has kept them not only a thing but a thriving way to display your wedding photos.

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Wedding Packages

Wedding Photography Series Episode 5

Have you been trying to decipher photographer’s wedding packages to know how much time you need? How many photographers is best? How many photos should I get? This episode may help you decide! In this episode Karin and Kathryn discuss what typically makes up wedding packages and how to be able to compare different photographers and their packages when it seems like trying to compare apples to fruit bats! Don’t miss any of our wedding photography series! Like and subscribe to be the first to know when each new video premieres.

Don’t miss any of our wedding photography series! Like and subscribe to be the first to know when each new video premieres. Feel free to reach out at any time! We would love to talk to you about your wedding photography. Email with any questions.

The Editing Process

Wedding Photography Series Episode 4

In our last video Karin and Kathryn discussed how long it takes to get photos back after your wedding. In this video, they discuss why that is (usually). Most photographers edit their photos, but not all of them digitally master them! Get a behind the scenes tour of what goes into making amazing wedding photos that will thrill you for a lifetime. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to see all our great videos to come!

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How long after the wedding before I get my wedding photos?

Wedding Photography Series Episode 3

Welcome back to Photos By Orion’s series on wedding photography! In this episode, Karin and Kathryn are addressing a topic that doesn’t come up much in client meetings but should when it comes to wedding photography: How long does it take after the wedding to get your wedding photos from your photographer? Like any other creative product, the answer will vary from photographer to photographer, so it is an important question to ask. Hear Photos By Orion’s answer, and get an idea of what others in the industry offer and why! Don’t forget to hit subscribe to get all the videos in our series when they post.

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Picture-Perfect Portrait

Spring will soon be here and with it comes the sun, warmer temperatures, and Oregon’s amazing landscapes. It’s a fantastic combination to get out and take some great pictures. Here are some ways to get that picture-perfect portrait so you can capture your moment in the sun.

The best time for shooting to create those magical memories is in the early morning and late evening. If you go out in the early morning or late afternoon, even direct sunlight starts to look good. These golden hours are when the sun is low on the horizon. The positioning of the sun behind you can create a beautiful glow as it did for this couple on the Oregon Coast.

If you do not have the luxury to wait, and you are in the direct sunlight there are plenty of options to still get your photo.

1. Move into the shade

Obviously, you certainly can’t change where Multnomah Falls is, or Mount Hood, but with some subjects, like these two cuties, heading into the shade is quick and easy. It’s a good solution when shooting portraits.

Two children hugging
The first photos tend to be the best when working with children

2. Avoid close-ups. Go wide instead

Photographing your subjects up close under direct sunlight is an invitation for trouble. Shadows would be more pronounced and maybe using a fill flash might not make it a better photograph. As much as possible, go wide when taking photos under the midday sun.

3 . Change your perspective

Sometimes, moving your subject into the shade isn’t possible but changing your perspective will work just as well. Instead of straight on kneel down and shoot up, or climb high and shoot down.

4. Shoot silhouettes

If the sun is really causing you all kinds of problems you can have your subject just stand in front of the bright light, and capture a silhouette.

5. Use doorways when the sun is harsh

This doesn’t have to be an actual doorway to a house. The entrance to a tunnel, an archway, just inside a barn door, or even inside a car all work really well for photography. Basically, anywhere that has a roof overhead.

Position your subject just inside the doorway facing out and photograph them from the outside. This is another example of open shade. The advantage of doing this is that you cut out the bright sunlight coming from directly above them, so they won’t have “racoon eyes”.

Now it’s your turn, we would love to see your photos. Please share them with, and feel free to contact us. We tell stories with Star Quality Photography, Videography, 360, and Drone. Please feel free to contact us at, or 503-385-1435.

What makes great Online Dating Profile pictures?

We are expected to see a dating boom like no other in 2022. ⁠ Your profile picture is like your window display case. It is the first thing people see.⁠ So what makes a Great Online Dating Profile Picture?⁠ ⁠ In this episode, Kathryn Davidson of #PhotosByOrion, and Karin Webster discuss dating profile imagery and why working with a professional is advised for your featured photo.⁠

Please as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments below, or to message Kathryn at, or through any of our contact channels.⁠

Pet-ography 101

Welcome to PET-ography 101!

As COVID rears its ugly head again, one thing that has not changed through this pandemic is the daily joy we get from our Pets. Mother Nature’s surprise dose of some beautiful Oregon sunshine makes it the purr-fect time to show off your Fur Babies! Here now are some great ways to bring out some memorable PET-ography.

1. Don’t go against your pet’s personality.

You know your fur baby best, and just like any two or 3-year-old, working with their personality, not against it, will make the whole process much more manageable.

If your dog is always on the go, it is best not to try and get him to sit still.

If your cat doesn’t usually get held, chances are someone will end up bleeding if you try to have her for a photo. Plan to work with your pet’s personality, and your result will be better.

2. Communicate info about your pet to the photographer

Photographers will do their best to work with you and your pet, but only helping you give them will make things smoother.

For sample, if your pet always comes to the sound of their name, it is probably not good for the photographer to continually call their name and have them walk out of frame.

Senior photoshoot featuring a wall in downtown Salem

If you have a dog that gets aggressive if someone gets too close, let the photographer know so that they can keep their distance.

Anything that will help is essential to communicate to your photographer.

3. Photography is all about light, so use it to your advantage. For example, if you’re outside on a bright sunny day, place your dog in the shade facing the sun. You’ll be able to get nice catchlights in his eyes if he’s in the shade and you face him towards the sun.

4. Keep an open mind and reasonable expectations.

Just like working with toddlers, pets will have good and bad days in front of the camera, and that’s ok. The important part is that they are there, not perfect.

Album Advantages

A Keepsake Moment

It can be a true dust land, you know what I am referring to, that table in front of the couch, or end table. A piece that is disguised nicely by those old magazines, or table books that have not seen the pages turned back in years.
What’s really missing is you? Not physically but photographically. You know where the moments really counted like at a Wedding, Senior Pictures, or any Event.

Senior photoshoot at Minto-Brown Park

Albums may be a little obsolete today, but at a recent Wedding Showcase, every couple or participant gravitated to the colorful books we had on display.
There are quite a few advantages of getting an album. You can use it for all occasions. They can be custom-made to fit you and your style. The book is made to last, and at Photos By Orion, we use top-grade leather from Italy that comes in different colors and textures. You also have an option to make your collection matted or glossy, whichever fits your personality. The keepsake will also be the perfect conversation piece for any room.

@Photos By Orion, we have two kinds of albums, both are included in many of our event Photography and Videography packages. It’s just another way of telling your story with the Star Quality.

Reaching New Heights on your Wedding Day with a Drone

Weddings are soaring in popularity, and now thanks to Drones, the sky is the limit when it comes to your video. Drones are triggering a wholly unique perspective, and at Photos By Orion we are proud to have an FAA licensed photographer at the helm to capture that birds-eye view. This new technology, like anything,  comes with its advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Awesome Perspectives – The coverage area is perfect for a coastal view, or garden shot to cover the whole wedding party.
  2. Perfect Addition for a Highlight Video – Gives you more creative ability.
  3. Excellent usage for Music Videos.
  4. It is a great B-Roll Camera. You can get shots that act as perfect opens, transitions, or endings.
  5. Small and Easy to Transport


  1. There is no audio coming from a Drone.
  2. They are not for use Indoors.
  3. Cannot fly in National or State Parks.
  4. Limitations when it comes to Weather, Altitude, and Airspace
  5. Cannot Go Above 400 Foot Ceiling
  6. Condensation on Lenses
  7. Wind

So, what is the typical cost for this video adventure? At Photos By Orion, we charge $200 Dollars a flight. We are one of the region’s only studios offering both Photography and Videography and are always equipped to fly. From the Coast, Willamette Valley, and the Mountains a Drone can be that signature touch that will forever have you feeling sky-high about your vows.